Humble.js is a web framework built on modern technology stack with speed, security and scalability in mind.

The project was started in 2018 by Amrayn Web Services. It is currently active and maintained by the same company.

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Can’t find source? That’s because the project is currently closed-source. Help make it open source. Consider donating!



Humble.js comes with a lot of features out of the box, some of them are listed below:


current version 1.70.1

Humble.js server is the core of Humble.js that incorporates all the components and serve them accordingly.

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Humble.js CLI for your package.json. It comes in two flavours:

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Humble.js comes with various category of packages


These packages go hand-in-hand with humble.js server and client pages. These are useful to speed-up the development and data accessibility.


Various utility packages to aid the development.


Custom UI packages. You can completely ignore them if you want to use something else.


Pre-build page components that are shared across and can be used in your project. Some of these pages come with humble.js server.